[[ Scalping Strategi ]] Advance ADX Forex Scalping Strategy

[[ Scalping Strategi ]] Advance ADX Forex Scalping Strategy

This is a scalping strategy that uses a 5 and 1 minute timeframe and works on all major currency pairs. this system is a little kind of advance,s o be careful in using this. Always be mindful.

Forex Indicators:

  • Auto pivot;
  • MTF ADX;
  • MTF Buy Sell;
  • ADX Crossing;
  • ADX Bars;
  • Double CCI;
  • Maksigen Kahaij;
  • MTF WPR;
  • Tor;
  • Trigger lines;
  • WPR Slow.

Sell Entry:

  • Observe ADX (12), the red line must cross the blue with green lines are heading to the top. You will know that it’s a strong trend if the red and green lines through the yellow line 25.
  • To make an exit position, wait when the red line intersects the blue line.

Buy Entry:

  • The opposite of the sell entry given above would be a buying signal.


  • This system works on quantity trading. Lot 1/4 or 1/3 of the capital, because the risk is very low red pips.
  • Enough with 100 pips day they will get 100% more profit in 1 week.

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