[[ Scalping Strategi ]] Simple Snake Forex Scalping Strategy

[[ Scalping Strategi ]] Simple Snake Forex Scalping Strategy

This is a scalping strategy that is base on snake indicator with the assistance of other various indicators to make trading more clear and effective. This can be used in all currency pairs and works on a 30 minutes.

Metatrader Indicators:

  • XPS V.8 clock;
  • XPS V.8 Price;
  • Fisher indicator;
  • GMACD Signals indicator;
  • Snake indicator;
  • Snake Force indicator;
  • T3 Clean indicator;
  • Unicross.

Buy Entry:

  • Trend must be UP.
  • Blue Arrow appears.
  • Blue line arrow.
  • Snake indicator is Blue.
  • Fisher is Blue.

Sell Entry:

  • Trend must be down
  • Red Arrow
  • Red line arrow
  • Snake indicator Red
  • Fisher is Red.

Exit Position:

  • Take your exit on support or resistance level.

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