[[ Volatility Strategies ]] Breakout Channel

[[ Volatility Strategies ]] Breakout Channel 

This system is applicable to all pair and uses 15 minute or higher timeframe.

Forex Indicators :

  • ATR(30) (Average True Range) whit EMA 5
  • ATR(14) (Average True Range) with Ema 4
  • 30 SMA High;
  • 30 SMA Low.

Long Entry:

  • When the price close out above upper band.
  • ATR (Average True Range)30 is greater than EMA 5.

Short Entry:

  • When the price close out below lower band.
  • ATR 30 is less than EMA 5.

Exit Position:

  • Place stop loss at the lower band if position is buy. Put it on the upper band if position sell.
  • Exit position also with aggressive Target Profit is recommended.

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