[[ Binary Option ]] 34# Fibo Trend

[[ Binary Option ]] 34# Fibo Trend

Fibo Trend Binary System
Fibo Trend Binary Options Strategy is a trading system based on the indicators of trend following and on the Fibonacci Ratio. This Binary Options Strategy is also a good Scalping System.
Time Frame 5 min or 15 min.
Markets: Forex, futures, Indicies, Stocks, Metals and Oil.

Metatrader Indicators:
QuicK Fib;
Daily Average Fibo Historical setting:
current days 20, Days to average,
Fib level 1=0,236;
Fib level 2=0,382;
Fib level 3=0,;
Fib level 4=0,618;
Fib level 5=0,764.

Zig Zag ws Channel R Indicator setting:
Ex Depth 12;
Ex deviation 3;
EX Backstep3;

EMA (Exponential moving Average 21 periods);
Mini Sinyal;
X3 Semafor indicator;
35 Ma SqueezeMA ed Flet;
DeMark Trendline Trader;
Pulse flat;
Fibo Ratio1 =8;
Fibo Ratio2=13;
Fibo Ratio3=21;
Fast EMA (5);
Slow EMA (8);
Signal EMA (7);
Accelerator Oscillator.

Rules: Binary Options Strategy: Fibo Trend
Long Entry or Buy Call
Accelerator Oscillator green bar;
Fibo Trend green bar;
Pulse flat green bar;
35 Ma SqueezeMA ed Flet red line>lblue line;
Candle Price above DeMark Trend Line.

Short Entry or Buy Put
Accelerator Oscillator red bar;
Fibo Trend red bar;
Pulse flat red bar;
35 Ma SqueezeMA ed Flet blue line>red line;
Candle Price below DeMark Trend Line.

Exit position for to use this trading system for scalping
Initial Stop loss below the previous swing;
Profit Target use the indications on the screen.

Fibo Trend Binary System

Binary Options Strategy: Fibo Trend

Binary Options Strategy Fibo Trend (Template and Indicators)
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